When my mom tested positive (Covid 19)

When my mom tested positive (Covid 19)

It’s been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic began, claiming millions of lives and altering how each of us interacts with and navigates the world. We’ve all probably read and heard some heartbreaking stories on social media or from friends and family. It has snatched away many of our loved ones. The death toll and effect on people’s physical as well as mental health is staggering all over the world. The long-term costs are yet to be counted.
My mom was infected in the second wave of the pandemic when much of the country’s health care system was overwhelmed. Given the flu season, we didn’t pay much heed and relied on home remedies even though she had developed a fever and continued to cough. We scheduled tests for her after the fever persisted for almost a week or more, and she tested positive. Then she developed the symptoms of diarrhea, rashes, and trouble breathing. We thought things would calm down at first, but as time passed, we realized her recovery was taking longer than expected. Her struggle to breathe not only made her miserable but also broke our hearts. We were frantically searching for an oxygen cylinder and a hospital bed. On 12th May, an ambulance was arranged and she was rushed to the hospital. During her stay in the hospital, our friends and church family showed us love, support and lifted us in their prayers. Psalm 91 and Psalm 30:5 were a great comfort for us during the situation. She was finally discharged and on the road to recovery after a ten-day stay in the hospital, thanks to the grace of God.


He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds. Psalm 147:3 KJV


With the news of more lives lost every day, it’s becoming increasingly unbearable. Some are well-known, while others are not. But every such grim news is painful. I hold all these precious people in my thoughts and prayers.


Lord, offer them rest for their tired hearts and sound sleep for their minds by covering them with your great wings of love. May the bereaved families reach out to you in these tough times to hold your hand.  I ask this through Jesus Christ, whose own suffering brought us life, here and for eternity. Amen. 

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